FlexGen Documentation


FlexGen is a flexible random map generator. It is a Java library that can be used to randomly generate maps for games and simulations. FlexGen is designed to be flexible so that you can generate any type of map that may be required for your situation. FlexGen has been created by Jeff Weston and is licensed under the BSD license.


The latest release of FlexGen can be found from the SourceForge download page. If you want to live on the bleeding edge, you can access the FlexGen Git repository directly.


If you have obtained the source code to FlexGen, either from a source release, or from the FlexGen Git repository, you will need to compile it. The file "developing.txt", available in the root directory of the project, contains instructions for compiling FlexGen.

Getting Started

An example application is included with FlexGen that demonstrates how to use FlexGen. The FlexGen Cookbook will walk you through the steps needed to generate a map with the FlexGen library, using samples from the example application. Following the cookbook is the best way to get started with using FlexGen in your own application.